Grenouille Frenetique. According to me, men are like ships from the medieval age. War beaten, wind battered and close to a total wreck. A lot of people will relate. Our hearts are just like those ships.Tattered and torn, infested with the curse of infatuation. Our hearts will surely go on, but what about the scars? Will they ever heal, recover or just cease to exist? Welcome aboard. I am Vineet Singh and I will be your captain.Hope you have a wonderful and awesome journey, I would also like to warn you about the little bad weather ahead, but I promise, there will be sunshine at the end of it. Let’s begin right away. Bon Voyage.

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Well, I am a guy who is predominantly obsessed with Music, poems and good writing, to start with. I majorly write about ….. hah, you thought I was going to reveal that so fast?

My dear readers, you are in for a very long journey, it’s exhausting,but it’s amazing. Bear with me. Cheers.

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